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Bennett and Greyhart Ventures is a premier investment fund dedicated to identifying and nurturing high-potential companies across various industries. We leverage our expertise to deliver substantial returns for our investors.
About Us
Bennett and Greyhart Ventures was founded with the vision of supporting innovative companies that have the potential to transform industries. Our mission is to provide strategic investments that enable these companies to achieve their full potential, while delivering outstanding returns to our investors.

Our Selection Process

We employ a rigorous selection process to identify the best investment opportunities. Our team of experts conducts thorough market research, evaluates the business models, and assesses the growth potential of each candidate. We focus on companies with strong leadership, innovative products, and scalable business models.
At Bennett and Greyhart Ventures, our mission is to support and nurture companies with the potential to transform industries and improve the world. We strive to create long-term value for our investors, partners, and society as a whole. By focusing on strategic investments, we help our portfolio companies achieve significant success and sustainable growth.
Our History

Since our inception, Bennett and Greyhart Ventures has delivered exceptional value to our investors. To date, we have paid out over $150 million in returns, investing in more than 50 companies. Our portfolio includes a mix of well-known and emerging companies, with notable investments in:
Founded in 2010 by Alexander Bennett and James Greyhart, Bennett and Greyhart Ventures started with a vision to support groundbreaking startups. Combining their expertise in finance and technology, they quickly gained a reputation for strategic investments and are now one of leading venture capital firm.
Our Star Performers
Our investment strategy has resulted in significant growth for several portfolio companies.
Some of the top performers include:
These companies have seen remarkable increases in valuation, driving substantial returns for our investors.
Our team
Meet Our Team
At Bennett and Greyhart Ventures, our success is driven by a team of dedicated professionals with diverse backgrounds and extensive industry experience.
  • Alexander Bennett
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Alexander Bennett has over 35 years of experience in venture capital and startup incubation. He excels in finance and business development, identifying and nurturing innovative startups. His leadership has established Bennett and Greyhart Ventures as a leading firm, dedicated to sustainable practices and long-term value creation.
  • James Greyhart
    James Greyhart is a co-founder with extensive experience in technology and innovation. With a background in computer science, he understands emerging technologies and their industry impact. His hands-on approach has been key to the success of many portfolio companies at Bennett and Greyhart Ventures.
  • John Mitchell
    Chief Executive Officer
    John brings over 20 years of experience in investment management and strategic planning. He has a proven track record of identifying high-growth opportunities and steering companies towards success.
  • Sarah Lee
    Chief Investment Officer
    Sarah is an expert in financial analysis and portfolio management. With a keen eye for market trends and emerging technologies, she leads our investment strategy and decision-making processes.
  • David Chen
    Chief Technology Officer
    David has a background in engineering and technology innovation. He oversees our investments in tech-driven companies, ensuring we stay at the forefront of industry advancements.
  • Emily Rodriguez
    Chief Operating Officer
    Emily has extensive experience in operations and management. She ensures that our internal processes are efficient and effective, supporting the overall growth and performance of our fund.
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405 Lexington Avenue, New York City, NY 10174.
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